Server Rules

Below we displayed the rules we have on our MineCraft Server, breaking these rules will have consequences.

If a Moderator spots you violating these rules, he decides if it is Ban-Worthy or just a Mute or Warning. If it is a ban, he may only give out a 24 hour ban.
Then the Admins will take care of it.

The Moderators may also decide to put you in prison for a decided time.

It is decided by our Admins if it will result in either a:
- Warning
- Mute
- Temporary Ban
- Permanent Ban
- Temporary IP Ban
- Permanent IP Ban

The x2, x3 and x4 can also give one of the consequences above it.
Explanation: A x3 violation can also be granted a warning, but not a Permanent ban.
x1 = Warning, Mute, Temporary Ban (max 24 hours)
x2 = Temporary Ban (max 48 hours)
x3 = Permanent Ban, Temporary Ban (max 72 hours)
x4 = Temporary IP Ban, Permanent IP Ban, Site Ban

- No swearing. (x1)
- No building on other people's ground without permission. (x1)
- Have Respect for everyone,  including people with lower ranks. (x1)
- No griefing. (x3)
- No cheating, except Fly Mod. (x2)
- No poitnless buildings, like 1x1 towers or shafts. (x2)
- No Natural Landscape griefing. (x3)
- No stealing. (x3)
- No trespassing, when a sign says things like "Do not enter". (x2)
- No chat spamming, including talking in Caps-Lock. (x1)
- No advertising for other servers. (x1)

OP Rules:
all the above rules are in charge to
- No spawning, The exception of Nether Items 1 stack a day. (x3)
- No banning without a reason. (x4)
- No banning longer as 24 hours. (x3)

* These rules may be changed at any point without a notice.

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