Please read the rules before you proceed.
First a note:
  • You should know that we don't accept anyone for building random stuff on our server,
    We like it realistic. So please do not build your house or home area in the air. A house of dirt isnt really realistic for example, or dirt steps to the roof...

For questions, use the Help & Support board.

You accept to:
  • Our rules and Terms of Service.
  • Check our Nation/Town Forum and find a hometown.
  • Next step is to introduce yourself in a topic, using our template.
    We will check your application as soon as possible.
    Be careful with the format. Just copy the template and replace your values.
    Post it once.

    Any topics that are not using this format will be ignored and deleted.

    Copy the Template below and replace the text within the <> with your values.

    Now go to our forums >> Server Application and create a new topic there. use the title: [yourname]'s Server application Form
    replace the [yourname] with your minecraft username.

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