Welcome to MenAtWork.webs.com

At MenAtWork, we host a 24/7 MineCraft Server that is joinable by anyone! Including people that did not purchace MineCraft. Our experienced team of Admins are here to make sure you have a great time playing MineCraft Multiplayer For Free.

We also got many things that other MineCraft server do not offer, such as:

  • Works for paid Minecraft users, as well as offline/free players.
  • Has a paid for, and working VPS that reduces lag and enhances game-play.
  • Is up and running 24/7.
  • Easy & quick Instructions on how to join.
  • Quick forum responses.
  • Many great plugins, including anti-griefing.
  • Dedicated owners & moderators
  • Experienced server handlers.

How To Join our server:

If you are interested in joining MinecraftMenAtWork's server, please follow the quick and easy instructions listed below:

  1. Thoroughly read the rules of our server by clicking here
  2. Fill out our application by clicking here
  3. We will review your applicatio.
  4. Go to your Minecraft.exe or MinecraftSP.exe
  5. Enter our IP Address: menatwork.verygames.net

Please note: Your application may take an unknow amount of time. Be patient.


As you are sure aware, the MenAtWork Server is running on a lag-free VPS server to enhance game-play within our server. This is a paid VPS and requires monthly payments to keep it up and running. To keep the server experience AWESOME, we rely on you, the players, to donate and help us create a lag-free environment.

Providing us with ANY Donation over $2 will not only keep our server running smoothly, but you will also be given special rights, and permissions.


By clicking, you accept to our Terms of Service. They can be found here

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